Supporting early childhood development through play

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Children’s physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and creative development is not only supported by play, it is developed through play. There is evidence that play, apart from being great fun, is fundamental for all areas of child development. A playground is an important part of childrens' learning curve and will support the development of language and communication skills as well as important physical skills such as spatial awareness and balance. All important life skills. At KOMPAN we develop playgrounds and play equipment based on child observations, child involvement, and child input. KOMPAN Play Institute is KOMPAN's unit of play specialist, and our customers way to make sure that their playground is tested and safe for toddlers and preschoolers.  

What our early childhood education customers have to say:

Early Learning Village

Early Learning Village, made as a collaboration between two international schools in Singapore, covers 50,000 square meters and with 100 classrooms, it has a capacity of 2,100 children. The ambitious schools strive to have the best possible environment for experimental play and active learning.

Daycare Centre

Novrupvej daycare center worked hard on the children’s physical development to prepare them for pre-school. However, when they replaced their old playground with a new one from KOMPAN, that all changed. The new playground develops the children’s physical, social and cognitive development, every day.

Primary School

At Boothville Primary School they got a playground tailor-made to the school’s development plan. The playground is the perfect fit for the school’s educational target to use the playground to stimulate the children in more than just the physical development area.

Daycare Centre

Bergen, Norway has more rainy days than any other city in the world. In fact, it rains 240 days per year. That’s two days out of every three! Espira Daycare Centre in Bergen wished for a playground that would delight the kids and be tough enough to withstand the rough climate.